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Home IECEx TALK A common questions asked to ATEC is; Why should we use an IECEx Certified Service Facility The answer should be straightforward but perhaps we need to as
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Home NEC Talk A common questions asked to ATEC is; Is there a difference between ”explosion-proof” & “flame-proof “ The answer is a definite YES! The terms “explosion-proof” or “flame-proof”
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ATEC introduces new Two Steps CompEx Ex01-04 course

Introducing our new Two Steps #CompEx Ex01-04 course! Start at any time and come to our labs for your practical training & final assessments!
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What is an ATEX Product Certification?​

The ATEX Product Certification is the verification of the design specification of a product in relation to a series of relevant standards.
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ATEC Provides Virtual Responsible Person

ATEC’s VIRTUAL RESPONSIBLE PERSONS can help you create a Hazardous Area Compliance strategy/plan with competencies validated.
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Some Compliance Services are Inexpensive – Others Are Priceless!

ATEC is the go-to company for hazardous area compliance worldwide. We achieved this by providing a no-nonsense range of compliance services.
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ATEC and CSA Group enter into a partnership to offer IECEx Assessment and Certification

This allows ATEC to provide IECEx Assessment with Certification formally. CSA Group has issued more IECEX CoPC certificates globally.
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