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ATEC Now Offers CompEx Statement of Partial Assessment (SoPA)

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Are you still Competent?

Since 2011, from our offices in Houston, ATEC have trained and assessed over 5000 of our clients personnel as well as individual candidates, using both the CompEx & IECEx competency assessment schemes.
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ATEC Provides Virtual Responsible Person

ATEC’s VIRTUAL RESPONSIBLE PERSONS can help you create a Hazardous Area Compliance strategy/plan with competencies validated.
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IECEX Related Project for Diamond Drilling

ATEC has been engaged since 2019 by Diamond Drilling to implement a Hazardous Area Compliance program. ATEC was awarded this scope.
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Is Barrier Gland Selection Still Confusing?

The Key Issues with the use of Barrier Gland in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres vary. We can help you to meet IEC 60079:14 2013 (Edition 5).
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What are the limitations and initial intent of a “certificate of competence”?

The intent of a certificate of competence is self explanatory, to certify someone’s competence. This involves validating the candidates.
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SIRA announces agreement with CSA Group to provide personal competency assessment under the IECEx CoPC Scheme

ATEC has completed a global agreement with SIRA Test and Certification Limited to provide personal competency assessment.
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Personal Competency Can Be a Weak Link in Most Safety Chains

IEC60079 has 3 levels of personnel with regards to explosive atmospheres that should be considered when creating a competency matrix.
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The Importance of Explosive Dust Inspection

ATEC completed a potentially explosive Dust Inspection at a plant that was Classed under NEC. Learn about an explosible dust inspection.
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ATEC becomes One Of The World’s First Inspection Bodies Under The International Electrotechnical Commission Certification Scheme For Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx)

ATEC has achieved the accreditation of an IECEx inspection bodies following the requirements of IECEx OD 314-4, IEC 60079-14 and IEC 60079-17.
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