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Are you still Competent?

Since 2011, ATEC have trained and assessed over 5000 candidates

These include clients personnel and individual candidates, using both the CompEx & IECEx competency assessment schemes, from our offices in Houston.

And as you can see from the graph below ❤️, the candidates must love our training!


The graph clearly shows how the oil price plunged on June 20, 2014 to January 28, 2015, from $107.95 to $44.08 a barrel. This had a direct effect on the number of candidates who required to obtain or update their competencies. Now, in 2020, the graph shows how COVID has led to a near 10 year low on our Houston-based training classes

Whether you are still Certified or your Certificate has expired, we’d like to hear from US-based candidates about how the CompEx 01-04 certificate has helped you in the industry, and how it has benefitted you during these uncertain times.

We would also like to assist our Alumni in their return to work by helping to renew your certification, with a significant discount on our new E-Learning program ATEC introduces new Two Steps CompEx Ex01-04 course.  

And finally, if you are currently based in North America and have rights to work there, feel free send your resume/CV to  – we can’t promise anything but we will certainly keep you updated on any pertinent industry opportunities that arise.

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