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2019 Series of IECEx Executive and Operational Meetings - ExSFC Working Group 4

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Fraser Heggie, our VP of Inspection and Training recently attended a meeting of the ExSFC WG4 as part of the 2019 Series of IECEx Executive and Operational Meetings held at IEC Asia Pacific Regional Centre in Singapore

The work of ExSFC WG04 is to act as the maintenance team for the IECEx 03-4 Rules of procedure and to support IECEx Operational Documents.

The WG is also to monitor and make recommendations to ExSFC concerning the IECEx Inspection and Maintenance Services ‘sub-scheme’. ATEC is very excited to be elected as convenor to such an innovative assemblage.

ATEC, as one of the first IECEx Inspection Bodies Globally, are involved with authorities, clients, committees, and working groups, where it matters, when it happens, every day around the world.

IECEx Executive and Operational Meetings 2019 Series

About ATEC Services

We are a group of companies focused on services related to Hazardous Area Awareness and Asset Integrity. We provide specialized safety training and inspection services for companies who deal with the world of Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. From our inception over 11 Years ago, ATEC has without a doubt, been the go-to company for hazardous area compliance around the world.

With Office’s, Training and Inspection Centers in Houston and Singapore, the group is dedicated to the safety of personnel and asset protection by supplying International NEC / IEC Electrical Cables & Hazardous Area Accessories, Atex, IECEx competence training, including CompEx assessments, facility compliance and equipment inspection services. 

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We are pleased to officially announce the merger of EUTEX International and ATEC. Effective February 14th, 2022, both companies will operate as EUTEX International. This merger makes EUTEX the leading electrical supplier of hazardous area products and services around the globe.

The merger comes as a conjoint effort to offer the worldwide energy and renewable industry an integrated and boundary-pushing approach to working safely in hazardous areas. Our team acknowledges that our products and services impact other people’s lives, so minimizing safety risks for personnel and assets has always been our highest priority.