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ATEC Now Offers CompEx Statement of Partial Assessment (SoPA)

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Home IECEx TALK A common questions asked to ATEC is; Why should we use an IECEx Certified Service Facility The answer should be straightforward but perhaps we need to as
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NEC Talk

Home NEC Talk A common questions asked to ATEC is; Is there a difference between ”explosion-proof” & “flame-proof “ The answer is a definite YES! The terms “explosion-proof” or “flame-proof”
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Are you still Competent?

Since 2011, from our offices in Houston, ATEC have trained and assessed over 5000 of our clients personnel as well as individual candidates, using both the CompEx & IECEx competency assessment schemes.
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ATEC introduces new Two Steps CompEx Ex01-04 course

Introducing our new Two Steps #CompEx Ex01-04 course! Start at any time and come to our labs for your practical training & final assessments!
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What is an ATEX Product Certification?​

The ATEX Product Certification is the verification of the design specification of a product in relation to a series of relevant standards.
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