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NEC Periodic Inspection for Explosive Atmospheres

Our Experienced, Trained and CERTIFIED Inspection Teams can carry out a comprehensive Periodic Inspection for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.

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NEC Periodic Inspection

ATEC Inspection Teams firstly check at Visual/Close grade that each piece of equipment installed within the Potentially Hazardous Area:

  • Is compliant with the specification laid down in the Project, Company or International Standards being followed.
  • Is suitable for Area Installed
  • Is not damaged or has had any unauthorized modifications
  • Is installed using suitably specified accessories

ATEC Technicians ensure installation is:

  • Clearly identified (use of various tagging methods available)
  • Documented and verified (Inspection report created for every piece of Equipment installed within a Hazardous Area)
  • Given a statement of Compliance (compliance report with status of every piece of equipment and any remedial action required provided)
  • Recommended for further Inspection at detailed grade if equipment shows signs of internal issue.

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