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Evidence of Compliance within Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

ATEC look for evidence that:

  • A suitable and sufficient Hazardous Area Classification has been carried out by experience competent persons
  • All potential ignition sources, including sparks, hot surfaces, smoking materials, naked flames, unsuitable equipment etc. are excluded;
  • Only equipment and protective systems (including portable equipment) that meet the requirements for use in Potentially Explosive atmospheres are present
  • Before bringing plant into operation for the first time, a 100% Detailed Inspection has taken place by persons competent to determine that protection type, installation method & certification requirements are suitable and sufficient to make sure explosion risks are properly controlled
  • Within a 3 year period, Inspection (at grade suitable to duty/environmental conditions) of full installation has taken place by persons competent to determine if any deterioration or modification to equipment has taken place that would affect explosion protection technique(s)
  • Adequate records are kept to provide internal & external regulators proof of a compliant safe plant (Hazardous Area Dossier)
  • People who provide, maintain or verify electrical installations and equipment in, or associated with, the explosive atmospheres are competent to undertake the task
  • Where necessary, warning signs are posted at the entry points of places that have been classified as explosive atmospheres to warn those entering those areas that special precautions are required
  • Employees working in these areas are provided with appropriate clothing that does not create a risk of an electrostatic discharge capable of igniting the explosive atmosphere.