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Controlling Fire and Explosion Risks within Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

What is an explosive atmosphere?
An explosive atmosphere is a mixture of a dangerous substance or substances (gas, mist, dust or vapour) with the air, which has the potential to catch fire or explode. An explosive atmosphere does not always result in an explosion but, if it does catch fire, the flames travel quickly. If this happens in a confined space (e.g. in plant), the rapid spread of the flames or rise in pressure could also cause an explosion

What should a responsible company do?
Responsible company’s should assess and eliminate (or reduce) risks from potentially explosive atmospheres so far as is reasonably practicable. Ideally, they should carry out a risk assessment in relation to ignition capability as part of an overall workplace risk assessment. They may also find it convenient to carry out the risk assessment in combination with any required under any local fire precautions legislation

How can ATEC Help?
ATEC follow a 4 step approach:

  1. Look for evidence that consideration has been made regarding identification of all explosion hazards
  2. Look for evidence that consideration has been made regarding who might be harmed and how
  3. Ensure there are physical records of all control measures
  4. Ensure consideration has been made regarding additional requirements where avoidance of potentially explosive atmospheres is not possible

ATEC Clients find our services add significant value to projects and minimize the burden associated with managing risks associated with hazardous area operation and compliance.