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Competency During Hazardous Area Inspection

There are various core competency assessment schemes available to personnel that test the knowledge & skills of people working in potentially explosive atmospheres, however this often only provides evidence that a minimum competency level has been achieved on the day of a candidate’s examination/assessment.

A common issue can be that after training, many candidates are not engaged in Hazardous Area Compliance fulltime or for a long period afterwards and mistakes or incorrect assumptions are made as they ‘dip in & out’ of this safety critical discipline.

For example when appointing a service facility to ensure compliance with IEC60079-14/17, companies should ask not only for the ‘certificates’ of staff, to be engaged, but also for details of their technical ability and experience plus how long they have the worked solely in the Hazardous Area Compliance arena.

Also, evidence of the service providers certification as a service facility should be requested as this goes a long way to assuring that they have been scrutinised independently on their ability to show competency in respect to interpreting standards and reporting with traceability on non-conformances. ATEC Clients find our services add significant value to projects and minimize the burden associated with managing risks associated with hazardous area operation and compliance.