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Operative Online Training​

Module 1 – Introduction to EC Directives
  • Understand main EC Directives which may apply to equipment used in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Determine which Directive(s) apply to specific equipment
  • Understand essential requirements for each Directive
Module 2 – Introduction to CE Mark
  • What the CE mark represents
  • The design of the CE mark
  • How & where to affix the CE Mark
  • What files / documentation must be kept
Module 3 – Introduction to IECEx
  • How to recognise IEC Schemes
  • How to recognise different protection methods
  • The differences in equipment certification
  • How to describe methods of compliance
Module 4 – Area Classification
  • Understand the key aspects which go into area classifications
  • Understand the various components of an area classification
  • Be able to interpret the area classification provided
Module 5 – Material Properties
  • Understand the characteristics of ignition
  • Understand how materials are classified
  • Explain atmospheric aspects which may change the properties
Module 6 – Protection Concepts for Hazardous Areas
  • Understand each Protection concept used for equipment
  • Review basic principles of each protection method
  • List applicable IEC Ex standards for each protection method
Module 7 – Installation and Maintenance of Ex Equipment
  • Understand which standards apply for the various activities
  • List the various inspection grades
  • Determine which grade of inspection is required
  • Understand the role of personnel competency
Module 8 – Technical Documentation Requirements
  • Understand documentation requirements for products
  • Understand key aspects of the Declaration
  • Determine structure and contents of technical documentation
  • Understand minimum requirements for documentation package


We are pleased to officially announce the merger of EUTEX International and ATEC. Effective February 14th, 2022, both companies will operate as EUTEX International. This merger makes EUTEX the leading electrical supplier of hazardous area products and services around the globe.

The merger comes as a conjoint effort to offer the worldwide energy and renewable industry an integrated and boundary-pushing approach to working safely in hazardous areas. Our team acknowledges that our products and services impact other people’s lives, so minimizing safety risks for personnel and assets has always been our highest priority.