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ATEC provide Certification solutions to a range of industries. Certification (or approval) usually refers to a process undertaken to verify product construction and manufacturing compliance with the relevant standards.

  • Type examination certificates are issued for design approval.
  • Quality assurance notifications are issued for manufacturing compliance.
  • Compliance with the ATEX Directive allows manufacturers to place products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres onto the European market by declaring compliance with the single harmonised procedure that is accepted across the EU.

Once a client decides to contact us they can be assured fast access to ATEX Notified Body, IECEx Certification Body or Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (depending on the parameters of certification).

Some of the services available are:

  • CE Marking Certification
  • ATEX QAN and IECEx QAR Certification and Unit Verification
  • Non-electrical equipment certification
  • Unit Verification

Understanding Certification and why it is important for users to ensure compliance with standards.

A very frequent enquiry to ATEC is about equipment certification with a large proportion on the topic of ‘X’ and ‘U’ certified equipment and if it is suitable for use in a specific application within a Classified Hazardous Area.

For guidance in the IEC standards we can examine: 60079-0

  • 3.20 – Ex component:
    Part of electrical equipment or a module (other than an Ex cable gland), marked with the symbol “U”, which is not intended to be used alone and requires additional consideration when incorporated into electrical equipment or systems for use in explosive atmospheres.
  • 3.37 – Symbol “U”: symbol used to denote an Ex component
    Note The symbol “U” is used to identify that the equipment is incomplete and is not suitable for installation without further evaluation.
  • 3.38 – Symbol “X”:symbol used to denote specific conditions of use

Note The symbol “X” is used to provide a means of identifying that essential information for the installation, use and maintenance of the equipment is contained within the certificate.

  • 3.6 – Certificate
    Document that assures the conformity of a product, process, system, person, or organization with specified requirements.
    Note The certificate may be either the supplier’s declaration of conformity or the purchaser’s recognition of conformity or certification (as a result of action by a third party) as defined in ISO/IEC 17000.
  • 4.4 – Equipment for a particular explosive atmosphere
    The electrical equipment may be tested for a particular explosive atmosphere. In this case, the information shall be recorded on the certificate and the electrical equipment marked accordingly.

60079-0 (Installation)

  • 14.1 General

    Only Ex “d” equipment having a complete certificate shall be installed. Ex “d” enclosures and components having only a component certificate, i.e. marked with a “U”, shall not be installed in the hazardous area unless as part of an assembly of components (now being referred to as equipment), when the components in the equipment are permitted by a full Ex certificate which may contain an “X” and the equipment label carries full Ex marking including temperature class.

Additional holes or modification to entries shall only be made into an Ex “d” enclosure by the manufacturer or an appropriately qualified certified service facility. Alteration of the internal components of the equipment is not permitted without re-evaluation of the equipment because conditions may be created inadvertently which lead to pressure piling, change in temperature class, or other such issues that may invalidate the certificate.


Unit Verification

  • ATEC carries out unit verification along with their UK certification body partner as per IEC TS 60079-46 and  provides IECEX, ATEX or UKCA certification for the full  ‘Assemblies’.  
  • IEC TS 60079-46 incorporates the inspection requirements of IEC 60079-14, plus ensures the full ‘overall safety’ including other forms of ignition (such as mechanical heat or friction) are verified. 
  • As IECEX, ATEX or UKCA certification to IEC TS 60079-46 provides an actual certificate that indicates an overall protection level and is not just an inspection report on the compliance of electrical parts used – this extra step that ATEC can provide is invaluable when it comes to documenting safe use & compliance of “Ex” assemblies.  
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We are pleased to officially announce the merger of EUTEX International and ATEC. Effective February 14th, 2022, both companies will operate as EUTEX International. This merger makes EUTEX the leading electrical supplier of hazardous area products and services around the globe.

The merger comes as a conjoint effort to offer the worldwide energy and renewable industry an integrated and boundary-pushing approach to working safely in hazardous areas. Our team acknowledges that our products and services impact other people’s lives, so minimizing safety risks for personnel and assets has always been our highest priority.