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Hazardous Area Compliance Program at Bulk Storage Facility


This IECEx Accreditation assures that there is expertise, impartiality, and auditable procedures in place ensuring work is done with integrity on behalf & under scrutiny of IECEx. ATEC provide verification, inspection & training services to many industries within potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEC the leading Hazardous Area specialists - Bulk Storage


Hazardous Area Inspection & Verification Campaign in Singapore for an International Oil Storage Company. In order to consolidate its existing terminalling investments and expand its business internationally, the client turned to ATEC to ensure an Internationally recognized Inspection was carried out – IECEx is the only system that provides an internationally accepted means of proving compliance with IEC standards.

Inspection Details

Atec recently completed a campaign of Inspections which involved 100 % Detailed inspection of all electrical equipment installed within pre-determined Explosive Atmospheres.

The Inspection & Verification Campaign consisted of ATEC Highly Experienced Certified Inspectors, verifying installation methods and materials for compliance against the relevant certification conditions and standards required for compliant safe use.


  • 100 % Detailed inspection.
  • RFID tagging system to allow efficient, intuitive future periodic inspections.
  • Creation of a complete accurate Hazardous Area Equipment Register (supporting dossier of documentation – with IECEx approval).
  • Provision of a recommended list of punches detailing the actions required to ensure compliance to IEC 60079-14/17 standards.
  • Provision of a recommendation list of replacement parts(BOM list).
  • Provision of Qualitative Analysis to allow RBI strategy to be agreed for future periodic inspections.

Project Details

ATEC carried out the project over a duration of 6 months utilizing over 10,000 man hours – all without any Lost Time Accidents (LTA’s) or Incidents (LTI’s) in full compliance with required Client Procedures along with International Standards.

Initial Detailed Inspection based on 4,000 tags


Close/Visual Periodic inspection based on 4,000 tags


* E-capture/RFID Savings - ATEC saw a 25% time saving during initial detailed inspection by using their ATEC DIGITAL solution at the facility

Cost Savings


  • O&G production.

Business challenges

  • H&S Compliance.

Keys to success

  • ATEC Standard Inspections
  • Competent Certified Inspectors
  • Detailed Project Management
  • Ability to interpret Standards and propose cost effective ALARP solutions.


  • Removal on intolerable Safety Risk
  • Compliance with local & International standards
  • Increase in reliability of plant
  • Cost savings of over 25% by digitization via SmArTEC systems.

Benefits to client include

  • Compliance with International Standards
  • Prioritisation of remedial actions
  • Qualitative Analysis applied for future periodic inspections & predictive maintenance
  • Assurance that all potential ignition sources were identified & controlled.

Standards Followed

  • IEC60079-14
  • IEC60079-17.

About ATEC Services

We are a group of companies focused on services related to Hazardous Area Awareness and Asset Integrity. We provide specialized safety training and inspection services for companies who deal with the world of Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. From our inception over 11 Years ago, ATEC has without a doubt, been the go-to company for hazardous area compliance around the world.

With Offices, Training and Inspection Centers in Houston and Singapore, the group is dedicated to the safety of personnel and asset protection by supplying International NEC / IEC Electrical Cables & Hazardous Area Accessories, Atex, IECEx competence training, including CompEx assessments, facility compliance and equipment inspection services. 

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